Established in 1986 by Architect Demo Salerno, Archi-Studio Architects has grown to a medium sized practice and has been involved in the execution of a wide range of projects ranging from residential complexes, hotel and casino developments, shopping centres, schools, industrial developments and private residences.

In recognising the divergent demands and concerns of its Clients, and strongly believing in the philosophy that an Architect’s role is that of being a facilitator and interpreter of the Client’s dreams and aspirations, the practice does not specialize in specific aspects, segments or styles within the Architectural field, but rather approaches each project with a fresh perspective informed by relevant research and past experience.

The Practice is committed to providing a personal and dedicated service, where each project is seen as the creation of a unique solution that not only satisfies the Client’s requirements and stylistic preference, but at the same time caters to the particulars of the site, climate and programme, thus striving towards design excellence and creating Architecture which is seen to make a positive contribution to the environment.

To cater for the diverse range of Clientele, the Practice has built up a team of able Specialists whose combined skills and good mix of expertise successfully and innovatively take a project from a feasibility study to its final built form.

Archi-Studio Architects are committed to an evolutionary process of reviewing design attitudes, trends and technical information, thus refining the skills to create Architecture responsive to the Client’s specific needs while achieving high standards within the allowable budgetary parameters.

To maintain and monitor its high standards, the Practice believes in an “in-house” work system so as to control all stages of the project. Each stage is seen as a refining process of the final product and processed as an integral part of the whole. Conceptual sketches are clarified in the presentation stage, further refined as models, 3-dimensional computer generated drawings and finally detailed as technical drawings. The Contract Administration stage and continuous site inspections ensure a smooth progression to the final built form.

The firm aspires to the notion that Architecture is not only about the creation of functional buildings or enclosing space, but an art which lifts the creation of the built environment or form to a state which stimulates the senses and emotions.

Archi-Studio Architects are passionate in the creation of Architecture with a “capital A”, thus seeing each stage as a rewarding journey of experiences and a step closer to the realisation of a dream.